Virtual Showrooms by interiorsphere

When customers can't get into the showroom, our fully web-based interactive solutions allow you to show them your products and services. These range from interactive virtual 360° showrooms and product configurators to 360° animations and highend VR solutions.


Virtual Corporate Presentation

A virtual twin of the company represents all important functions for presenting the company.
The business units are also integrated in one large coherent environment and can be 360° experienced interactively.
With a click you can fly around and get further information as animated graphics, videos or webframes.

Virtual Reality Experience

The VR application shows a Siemens E-House with a typical assembly of control cabinets.
The cabinets can be explored one by one, also the doors can be opened, allowing you to see and handle the inside.
Realized as high-end version for HTC Vive and lightweight version for Oculus Quest, or as WebVR.

Virtual Sales Presentation

The app shows the application of Siemens E-Mobility Solutions in a city scenario in several everyday situations.
By zooming in, the viewer can 360° look around within the scenarios and experience the products in action.
Text and Info boxes provide even more detailed information.

Virtual Event

The visitor is welcomed in the lobby and can explore all areas of the event from there as interactive 360° environments.
The second floor offers the possibility to visit an exhibition, to attend webinars, to chat with other participants or to visit video conferences.
The main event will be broadcast live in the Keynote cinema.

Virtual Booth

Virtual stores are 1:1 adaptations of real stores or trade fair stands.
They offer the possibility for the user to immediately find his way around and thus to intuitively browse through the stand.

Virtual Product Presentation

A blue fluid morphs into a basketball player followed by a transformer effect to the injection molding machine.
The working machine can then be discovered interactively.
In various zooms you can get deeper and deeper into the machine, where you can see the impressive components of the machine working around you.

Virtual E-learning

3 scenarios: wind farm in the desert, offshore wind farm with service operation vessel and loading of the installation vessel in the port.
The animated interactive 360°  environments provide a lot of additional information as text boxes, videos or links
At the tour's end, the knowledge base is tested with a quiz.

Virtual Market Research

360° environments offer ideal opportunities for the focus group of a market study to visualize the placement of potential products.
The test persons can move freely in the market and get the best possible impression of how they feel about the placement of the products.

Virtual Configurator

web3D product configurator allows full 3D interaction in the browser without plugin.
Various paint parts and interior parts can be colored according to the customers preference.
The 3D model is based on a highly detailed implementation of the CAD data.

Virtual Showroom

An emotional intro teases the history of Röntgen to the audience before they can experience the product interactively.
The virtual showroom of the product is complemented by a lot of additional information and videos.

Virtual Tour

The visitor can experience a new interior interactively and thus get an exact picture of what the future interior design will look like.